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Who wants to eat skin on a potato?

When it comes to potatoes, we like to think we’ve got it covered. We have potato experts that grow thousands of tonnes on our land as well as a network of growers across the country. We work with many different varieties of potato and each one brings different characteristics that can enhance the final product it goes into.

However, no matter the variety, they all have one thing in common; we always peel them! Therefore, when one of our customers came to us and asked for an unpeeled diced potato, we had to have a rethink about how we would approach it.

Not only did the skin need to be left on, it had to be a chunky sized dice as well as the perfect dry matter. This particular potato was destined for a leek and potato soup, and the reason behind leaving the skin on was so that the soup had a more rustic feel. The dry matter of the potato was important because it needed to be high enough so that the pieces broke down to thicken the soup but not so high that it disintegrated entirely.

Based on these requirements, we chose Estima potatoes for their perfect skin finish. Many samples were collected which involved donning our wellies, grabbing a spade and visiting our growers. Once the samples were made and approved by the customer, we then selected the crop we wanted to use. We chose a supermarket-grade baking potato, while these potatoes are at a premium; they have a perfect skin finish that gave us reassurance that no blemishes or other defects would be present in the finished product.

Our customer was very happy with the product and as a result we have produced 4 times more skin on potato than planned. We can also offer other unpeeled products such as diced carrot, which is perfect for stocks. So if you have any unusual requirements, please give Georgina or Jessica a ring on 01904 448556.