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Greencore Grocery 

Strategic Storage Hub

We can offer a variety of services here at Hartleys such as mixing, sorting and processing. On top of this, we can also offer third party storage and this is something we have been doing for over 8 years for Greencore Grocery.

They expressed a need for a large enough hub close to their site at Selby that would enable suppliers to deliver full containers to be stored. This meant that Greencore could then call off mixed loads from a variety of suppliers every day and storage at their site could be saved for finished goods. 

Our 13,000 pallet coldstore offers them all the space they need for their IQF vegetable requirements. Greencore’s suppliers ship their goods to us and we will unload, put away and store everything under each individual supplier’s ownership. Greencore will then send Hartleys a list of requirements for the following day’s production and we will pick all the products the day before. Greencore will then send a truck twice day to collect their orders. For the suppliers, we will send a copy of the delivery note and a weekly stock report. 

A lot of the inloads that come in require additional work and this is not a problem. Services that we can offer range from top downs to full handballs and on the delivery side of things we can offer mixed pallets that we can build to the customers’ requirements. Sometimes, a supplier will advise us that they require an inspection on a particular product that is arriving. Therefore, we can check their product against their specification and advise if it meets it. If it doesn’t we can offer sorting as a service which will remove contaminants from the product. 

We like to think that we’re a happy bunch here at Hartleys and if a supplier’s truck arrives late or an urgent booking is required we won’t stamp our feet, we’ll do our best to accommodate because we understand the pressures that can come with third party storage. 

If you require third party storage we’d love to hear from you. 

Contact Mike Wood, or call on 01904 448 556 ext. 227