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Frozen vegetables for a high risk market

We have been a key supply partner to Apetito for many years, their high risk market place is a natural fit with our food safety vision as and a result we have developed a long standing strategic relationship based on them having the unquestionable trust in the food safety and provenance of our products.

Delivering a technical service coupled with the safest possible ingredients was key to growing our business’s together. In recent years Apetito have focused in on their clientele and have really pushed to develop a bespoke product for their market. Predominantly a meals on wheels service for the elderly generation. they require a safe easy eat product which is bite sized and palatable. Therefore we worked closely with Apetito to make changes in our  growing and manufacturing processes to create a tailor made product. A perfect example is the sliced carrot, We planted the carrots later in the month and spaced them closer together to ensure they did not grow too large, they are harvested at the peak of their nutrition and when they are the perfect slicing size. We reduced the slice thickness and increased the time in the blancher to ensure the eating profile of the product was aligned with their market.