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Importers of Onions:

  • White onions are used as a base for almost all prepared food from Ready Meals to Soups.
  • We guarantee supply due to our ability to import from various origins such as Poland, Turkey and China.
  • Available in various size dices and slices such 6 mm and 10 mm diced or 6 mm sliced. We can also supply red onion too. 
  • Onion can come packed in 10 kg cartons or sacks up to 20 kg sacks.
  • We also supply blanched onion which is suitable for low micro products

Importers of Broccoli:

  • There’s plenty to choose from when it comes to broccoli from broccoli dust that’s great sprinkled in soups to broccoli florets to brighten up a ready meal.
  • Options on broccoli are: broccoli dust (0-6 mm for example) broccoli florets (10-20mm, 15-30 mm, 20-40mm) or 10 mm diced broccoli stalk which is great for adding flavour. This is by no means an exhaustive list.
  • Countries of origin include Spain, Belgium and Ecuador.  

Importers of Peppers:

  • We import a large volume of peppers every year from 10 mm diced reds and greens to 6 mm sliced or chunkier cuts such as 20 mm and 30 mm. We can also import grilled peppers which look great in soups.
  • We like dual supply on peppers to ensure we are buying competitively and to also ensure supply, our two approved origins are Turkey and Spain. 

Importers of Courgette:

  • Great for pasta sauces or vegetable soups for a lovely green colour.
  • Typical sizes include 10mm and 20 mm diced packed in 10 kg cartons or 25 kg sacks
  • Origins: Belgium and Spain

Importers of Cauliflower:

  • Sizes include 0-8 mm crumb up large florets.
  • Great in soups or as an addition to ready meals
  • Origins include Belgium, Poland and Spain 

Importers of Leeks:

  • There are lots of options on sizes for leeks: 10 mm diced, flag cut, sliced roundels…
  • Origins: Turkey and Belgium. Turkey typically supplies a high percentage of green to white in the mix. Leeks from Belgium have a higher percentage of white leeks to green.
  • Typically packed in 10 kg cartons

Importers of Sweet Corn:

  • Available in standard and super sweet varieties. 
  • Origins include Hungary, Poland and Spain. 
  • Packaging is typically 10 kg boxes. 

Importers of Green Beans:

  • Available in a variety in sizes such as 1 inch and half inch cut as well as whole
  • Typically packed in 10 kg cartons
  • Option to double sort to guarantee a lower level of stalks
  • Origin: Belgium 

Importers of Spinach:

  • Spinach is great in curries and soups due to its colour and distinctive flavour.
  • Sizes include 6mm to 10 mm diced or whole leaf. It is then formed into either 30 gram or 50 gram portions.
  • Origins include Turkey and Belgium. 

Importers of sweet potato:

  • Great for curries and ready meals due to its distinctive taste and high nutritional content.
  • We can import frozen product from China or Spain to name just a few.
  • We also import fresh sweet potato from America and process it through our factory and this can be packed in 10 kg cartons up to 20 kg sacks.
  • Processing sweet potato ourselves allows us to offer bespoke cuts such as 20 x 20 x 12 mm diced.
  • Origins: USA, Spain and China. 


Importers of Garlic & Ginger:

  • A little goes a long way! Great for flavouring ready meals.
  • Both garlic and Ginger is pureed and formed into small 30 gram portions that are packed into 10 kg cartons.
  • Origins: Thailand and China

Trusted imported produce - All of our overseas suppliers are personally audited and approved by our technical team to ensure the same high standards we achieve at home. All imported produce can be screened and sorted using the same exacting processes as our baby food ingredients.

The story from
field to frozen

We listen to our customers specific requirements - this could be peppers with a low micro, sweet corn with a strict tolerance on EVM or leeks cut to a specific size slice… We’re good at finding what our customers require, going above and beyond and doing it competitively too!

Our technical manager personally audits the factories we import from – she’ll snoop around every piece of machinery to check they can meet our strict specifications! She’s even worked with factories to improve their processes – one example of this was helping a factory install a sorting line to help their peppers and leeks meet our specs. All factories must have a BRC certification and be able to provide all the required documentation.

Once imported, the product can go directly to our customers’ factories, or can be stored in our cold store to be delivered in mixed loads to our customer’s as and when they are needed.

Once in our store there are further options to inspect and sort the product or mix into our customers’ required blends.