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5 things that make us so safe:

1 Highly skilled staff

Many of our staff have worked with us for 5 years or more and appreciate the care, skill and attention to detail required to deliver the highest standards of safety.

We ensure all of our staff go through induction training when they start so that they understand our ethos. As well as that, we make sure our staff have their basic food hygiene qualification. Wherever possible, we also use CCFRA for our external technical training.

2 A commitment to PPE

We go the extra mile to protect our ingredients from our people. This includes investing in the latest protective equipment and introducing high-tech automated processes to minimise physical and microbial hazards.

3 Industry-leading facilities

Our industry-leading facilities were designed and built specifically for the task in hand and every detail has been considered to improve food safety. This includes:

  • Minimal use of conveyor belts on open product
  • Stainless steel transfer equipment wherever possible
  • Room segregation, including chilled room for packing, and separate room for raw vegetables preparation
  • Automated sorting 4 types of automated sorting opportunities; all in line
  • Specially built sorting lines for manual and visual assessment

4 Total traceability

We appreciate how important it is to be able to trace every crop and provide all our customers with accurate information at every stage of the process. Our facility also includes a detailed pallet by pallet /lot by lot computerised traceability system, which enables ingredients to be traced to a specific field or overseas grower within seconds.

5 Unrivalled testing and tolerances

Micro- target levels for all our processed products are set to high care specifications and lower tolerances than our competitors. We also undertake detailed testing from field level on infant feeding crops year on year. For added peace of mind, we additionally carry out regular product-by-product risk assessments to assure safety.